We increase organic online activity for small businesses.

SBC Unified is a business community dedicated to the success of small businesses, through increased and enhanced online visibility and organic online activity.

What is Organic Activity?

Organic activity is traffic generated through internet searches, backlinks, and social media interactions.

Why is Organic Activity Important?

Real traffic produces better search engine ranks and higher priority listings. Search engines have become smarter and are better able to recognize non-organic (fake) traffic that is generated using bots.

Our members had the following to say after joining...

"I never questioned that SBC Unified was working for my business or any of our members, however, some want to know more. Last week I finally started asking... how’s it working for you? Historically my business is referral or repeat business, but now I’m getting calls from people I don’t even know. The only thing we’ve done differently is join SBC. Why would anyone not join?"

- Oak Valley Woodworks, LLC

"We know it’s working because a customer came in and said SBC is how they found us."

- The Crooked Crow

"We are so crazy busy it’s not even funny. Is there anything I’m supposed to be doing for SBC?" (We told him no, it’s all done.)

- Pennington's Floor Store

"Business is very, very good."

- Mill Direct Flooring

"It was a no brainer for the entire Arkansas Flooring Connection to join. It is a progressive and relevant platform for all our members."

- Tom January Floors

"My business went from 2200 Google views per month to over 6600 in January of this year. We launched SBC Unified on November 1, 2020, during a pandemic, the holidays, and a Presidential election. Our members are happy and I’ll be asking more questions."

- D&D Floor Covering